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Late Returns Policy

Explaining our late returns policy

The Jeffersonville Township Public Library is like most libraries. Library materials available for checkout are loaned free for a specified period of time; however, we do charge a user fee for late returns. These fees help to defray the cost of handling overdue accounts and to support the operation of the Library through earned income.

Remembering the due date.

The Library has a reasonable loan period for each type of material circulated. The loan period is three weeks for books, magazines, and audio materials. All library materials with the exception of videos, DVDs, and items on reserve may be renewed twice for three weeks.

An easy way to remember your due date is to mark your calendar as soon as you return home. Plan to return your materials early in the event you are not able to return them on the actual due date.

Patrons who owe the library $5.00 or more will be blocked from borrowing additional materials.

What if I do forget to return my borrowed materials on time?

The Library’s automated circulation system automatically processes overdue notices when materials are not returned on the due date. The system computes the user fee and changes the patron status to prevent any further checkout privileges until the patron’s account is cleared.

User late fees vary for the type of material on loan. Patrons will be charged 25 cents per day / per item for books, periodicals, compact discs, and Playaways to a maximum fee of $5.00 per item. A fee of $1.00 per day / per item is charged for VHS video tapes and DVDs not returned prior to closing on the due date to a maximum of $10.00 per item. A fee of $3.00 per day is charged for book discussion kits and educational kits to a maximum of $30.

We may remind you if you forget.

The Library is not obligated to remind you of your due dates; however, expect to receive an overdue notice approximately ten days after your items are past due. Additional notices may be mailed if you still have not returned the overdue materials.

If you have not responded after the first notice, we will invoice you for the replacement of the items charged to you. Unpaid accounts are forwarded to our collection agency.

The replacement cost is the current retail price listed in Books in Print or bibliographic source, plus cataloging costs. For an item no longer in print, the cost will be the original price, if known, or a reasonable assigned cost. [See the Reimbursement for Lost Materials Policy for an explanation.]

Recovery fees to reimburse the Library for the cost of sending collection notices and legal fees shall be passed on to you, the customer.

Under Indiana Code 35-43-4 the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney may file a criminal action suit which could result in a fine of up to $500, plus court costs, for materials construed to be “taken.”

The Library may utilize other methods of collection, including having a collection agency report delinquencies to national credit reporting agencies.

Call us if you think we made a mistake!

Mistakes do occur on both sides. Our online computer system has eliminated most human mistakes. Before notices are mailed to you circulation staff attempt to check the shelves to see whether the items are on the shelf.

Should you be notified about an item which you certify as returned, we ask you to call us immediately. Always check thoroughly before you report an item returned, because these items often remain as missing. The computer tracks items reported returned.

Help us be a friendly library.

Please understand that we do not like confrontations and we do not like to charge anyone user fees for returning materials late! However, we must safeguard public property. Thousands of library dollars are wasted retrieving library materials not returned and presumed missing. We’d rather spend the money on new materials, wouldn’t you?

The Library will not circulate any library materials to anyone who has a delinquent account, whether it be fees not paid or materials which are overdue to the Library. Persistent delinquency in overdue returns, claimed returns, or unpaid fees may result in loss of library privileges as determined by the Library Board of Trustees.

The Library Board reserves the right to revise this Policy at any given time.

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