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Reimbursement for Lost Materials

The Reimbursement for Lost Materials policy provides for a reasonable method by which the Jeffersonville Township Public Library may recover costs for materials that must either be replaced or withdrawn from the library collection due to fault of the borrower.

The Library assumes certain operating costs in the acquisition of the replacement item, including cataloging and processing each item for the collection, and other clerical and material costs. The Library, however, must set a price which closely matches the retail cost of the item to protect the Library’s collection from intentional loss and retail competition.

When an item is lost or damaged, the user is responsible for reimbursing the Library. The Library will then assign charges based upon one or more of the following methods:

  1. Patrons who are reimbursing JTPL for any lost or damaged item are charged the retail price listed in Books in Print or a comparable bibliographic source, if the item is listed as available on the market.
  2. Reimbursement for an item which has a value known to be higher than the original retail value, such as an historical or rare book value, an autographed inscription, or a special edition, will be set at the fair market value for replacement. This value shall be determined by the Library or a recognized appraiser
    when required.
  3. If the item to be replaced is no longer available and the library purchase price is known from the library inventory list, the original library purchase price shall be charged.
  4. If the item to be replaced is no longer available and the library purchase price is not known, the Library assigns an arbitrary value to enable the Library to purchase a comparable item as a substitute. This price will be determined as fairly as possible by the acquisition staff.
  5. A simple processing fee of $4.00 per item is charged in addition to any replacement value. This fee will help defray the cost of online cataloging, item bar code and tag, and supplies.
  6. Patrons who are paying an actual Library invoice for lost materials are also required to pay any postage, handling, and collection agency fees the Library has incurred as a result of the overdue notifications sent in an attempt to retrieve overdue items.
  7. Patrons who have reimbursed JTPL for an item and later find and return the item, must request a refund within 30 days of the paid receipt. A receipt must be provided before any refund will be made.

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