Library Board of Trustees

The current Board of Trustees are as follows:

Name Office Phone Appointed By
Linda Baker Secretary (812) 283–3139 Clark County Council
Kofi Darku Vice President (615) 630–9101 Clark County Commissioners
Dale Moss   (812) 282-8770 Clark County Commissioners
Mark Munzer   (502) 812–1322 Clark County Council
Steven Palmquist President (812) 283–6403 Greater Clark County Schools
Margaret Shea   (812) 283–9718 Greater Clark County Schools
Lynn Wilson Treasurer (812) 944–7738 Clarksville Community Schools

Board Meeting Minutes

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2017 Board Meeting Dates

The Board meets regularly on the third Tuesday of the month at 4:30 p.m. in the board room at the main library. The following are the specific meeting dates for 2017: