Vinyl Printing

Roland VersaCAMM vs300i

Roland VersaCAMM vs300i

Our vinyl printer/cutter is great for a variety of large format printing projects. You can also create cut contours on your project, allowing you to further customize your design. Banners, bumper stickers, pictures, decals, and window clings are just some of the projects you can create.


  • Large format printing and contour cutting
  • Water, UV, and scratch resistant for up to 3 years outdoors
  • Print on material available in the Library for purchase: outdoor banner vinyl, white adhesive vinyl, and white static cling. All materials are 30 inches in width with a printable area of approximately 28.5 inches.

What You’ll Need

  • JTPL library card in good standing (no outstanding fines or fees)
  • Taken the Vinyl Printer Certification Class
  • File in .eps, .jpg, .tiff, or .pdf format saved to a flash drive or cloud storage

    If you want to cut around specific shapes or text, you’ll need to create your design in CorelDRAW, which is available on all computers in the Makerspace.


Banners $2.00 per foot
Glossy Vinyl $2.00 per foot
Static Clings $2.00 per foot
Stickers $2.00 per foot
Grommets $0.25 each

Objects are measured at the end of the print. These prices include:

  • Any white/blank/extra space
  • Failed prints due to design error
  • Prints that do not complete before a reservation expires

All material usage is rounded up to the next foot. For example, a 5 foot 3 inch print is rounded up to 6 feet/$12.

Station Reservations

Use our Spaces system to book the vinyl printer by clicking on “Roland VersaCAMM” from the left-hand menu or scroll down to spaces starting with “Makerspace.” The online system only allows reservations to be made at least 72 hours in advance!

  • You are permitted one two-hour session per day.
        Extra time may be granted (at the discretion of staff) if no one is waiting.
  • If your project runs over your time limit, we will allow it to continue to print until completion or until the next appointment arrives and is ready to print (whichever occurs first).
  • Projects are stopped at closing.
  • You have a 15-minute grace period before your reservation is automatically cancelled.
  • We strongly encourage you to book ahead of your visit to ensure availability.

Learn More

Do you want to get more information before you dive in? Then check out some YouTube videos on our equipment: