About the Library

Our Vision

Through the work of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, citizens will have opportunities to engage new technologies, enjoy cultural and educational events, and develop a strong, diverse, and vibrant community.

Our Mission

The Jeffersonville Township Public Library will identify and meet the informational, entertainment, and technological needs of the community, fostering lifelong learning and informed citizenship in a welcoming environment.

Our Core Values

Lifelong Learning — At the heart of all the programs and services of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library is a firm belief in the value of lifelong learning in all its forms. The Library fosters learning through reading, use of technology, programs, and diverse activities across the lifespan.

Creativity — The Jeffersonville Township Public Library embraces freedom of expression through art, literature, information, and programs that help people explore their creative interests.

Community — The Jeffersonville Township Public Library seeks to provide space for sharing ideas and resources among community members. The Library will be inclusive and accessible, fostering an environment where diversity is embraced.

Service — The Jeffersonville Township Public Library seeks to provide friendly, caring service delivered by a knowledgeable and committed staff.

Integrity — The Jeffersonville Township Public Library seeks to act with integrity in all its endeavors. The Library will responsibly steward public resources, will protect the privacy of all patrons in its operations, and will seek to provide the most accurate information through its collections, resources, and programs.

Long Range Plan

You can read our 2017 – 2020 Long Range Plan to learn more about the Library’s specific goals to enable us to meet the needs of and provide the highest quality service to our patrons.

Governing Body

We are governed by a 7 member Board of Trustees who meet on the third Tuesday of the month in the Board Room at the Main Library.

Indiana Gateway

Indiana Gateway provides an interactive dashboard that displays summary information about political subdivisions, including revenues, expenditures, and assessed values. For school corporations, educational performance data is also provided.