Community Profiles

A Community Profile is like a Facebook page for your organization, except it’s integrated right into the library’s catalog! You have a space to describe your organization as well as include information like your hours, the services you provide, and directions to your location. You can also link to your own website (if you have one) and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

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What’s In It For My Organization?

Exposure Boost

Having your profile listed in our catalog means that whenever someone does a keyword search for something relevant to the description you provide, your organization’s profile pops up in their search results! The more information you put in, the greater the likelihood people will find you.

Attendance Boost

You can add your organization’s events to your profile so that when people are searching for a related topic in the catalog, your event shows up in their search results! It’s a great serendipitous way to let people know what cool things you’re doing and how they can join in.

Can I Get My Organization Listed?

As long as your organization is engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities of interest and/or benefit to the community, absolutely! You just need to assign at least one person, who holds a JTPL library card, to be responsible for setting up the profile and making sure it stays up to date.

Ready To Get Started?

Contact Cara Burton, Public Services Senior Library Clerk / Outreach, at or (812) 285–8615 to get your organization’s profile set up.