Meeting Room Reservations

Meeting room space for small to medium sized groups is provided at both library locations. Reservations and applications for meeting room space should be made directly with the specific library location where the meeting will be held.

Admission fees may not be charged by any group using library facilities, nor may any sales or fund raising activities take place on the premises except those approved in advance which benefit the Library.

Light refreshments are permitted in the meeting rooms. The party reserving the room assumes responsibility for all clean-up. In compliance with local and Indiana law, no alcoholic beverages are permitted. The Library is a smoke-free building. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on library property.

The group and the individual making the online room reservation are held responsible for any damage to library premises caused by members of the group in conjunction with the meeting.

Groups and/or speaker must make their own arrangements for media equipment needed. Any media equipment borrowed from another location must be returned to the source.

Children should be under parental control at all times. Parents attending a function at the Library may not leave young children unattended in the Library.

Reserve a meeting room

Frequently Asked Questions

What space is available at the Clarksville Branch?

The Clarksville Branch has (3) meeting rooms and (3) study rooms available for patron use. The study rooms each feature a 32″ display connectable by 4 different HDMI cables with easy switching between devices. Study rooms each hold a maximum of 5 people and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The 3 meeting rooms available:

  • Meeting Room A: General purpose room with (2) 75″ displays connectable via HDMI or VGA cables, and a limited service kitchenette with a refrigerator and sink. The room seats 32 people at tables in a lecture arrangement.
  • Meeting Room B: General purpose room with (1) 75″ display connectable via HDMI. The room seats 32 people at tables in a lecture arrangement.
  • Meeting Room C: General purpose room that seats up to 50 people in an auditorium arrangement or 24 people seated at tables in a lecture arrangement. Features a limited service kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

Meeting Rooms A & B are also available to reserve together as one large space capable of seating 64 people at tables in a lecture arrangement and broadcasting content simultaneously to all (3) displays. In order to do this, you must reserve both A AND B!

What space is available at the Main Library?

A conference room that will seat up to nine persons at a round table is available on the lower level. Usage of the conference room is restricted to executive functions, literary discussions, committee meetings of organizations, or similar purposes.

The north meeting room on the first floor seats up to 66 at tables in a lecture arrangement, and can seat a maximum of 88 in chair seating. A full-service kitchen is adjacent with refrigerator, stove, sink, and microwave.

When are meeting rooms available?

Library programs take priority in booking meeting rooms. Rooms are usually available during the normal operating hours of the Library, but meetings should not be scheduled to start before 9:30 a.m. All activities MUST conclude 30 minutes prior to closing to allow ample time for people to exit the building and for staff to secure the facilities before closing.

Who may reserve library facilities and for what purposes?

Any local civic and service club; local business; governmental agency; and any educational, cultural, literary, or other not-for-profit association may reserve a meeting room.

The purpose of any meeting must be clearly stated both on the meeting room application and to the audience in attendance.

Public and media announcements should not imply that any program, ideas expressed, meeting issue, or the group are sanctioned by the Library.

Library facilities may not be used for purposes of solicitation of business or direct sales while on the premises.

Meeting space may not be used by any group for religious services.

Purely social groups and family or private parties do not qualify to use meeting rooms.

Any organization or entity based outside Jeffersonville Township and Clark County may reserve a room only with the approval of the director.

How do I reserve a room for my club?

Use of meeting rooms must be requested by an adult with a valid JTPL card who will assume responsibility for the conduct of the group and for safeguarding library property and equipment.

Reservations are made using Spaces, our online reservation software. Reservations must be made at least three (3) days prior to the event.

Reservations are preferred for a SINGLE meeting only, although a series of recurring meetings may be approved when scheduling permits. Any group may be asked to give up the room on occasion to accommodate library programming or to allow opportunities for use by others.

Room reservations may be made up to three months in advance. Preference is given to requests made by new groups for single bookings. Reservations needed beyond three months require approval by the circulation supervisor or director.

The Library reserves the right to cancel reservations with notice in the event of uncontrollable circumstances.

What are my responsibilities?

You are advised to call the Library a day prior to the meeting date to confirm your reservation and room assignment.

Groups are also expected to notify the Library as soon as possible of the cancellation of any meeting. Failure to cancel may forfeit future use of Library meeting rooms.

User groups are responsible for prior set-up of tables, chairs, and equipment, although a standard room arrangement will be given.

Please return the room to the original arrangement as found, unless told otherwise by library staff.

What about room arrangement?

Library staff cannot be expected to assist in changing a room arrangement.

You are asked to leave the room in good order and to place all trash in waste containers provided. If food has been served, please wipe the table tops and kitchen counter used with a damp cloth. Check the kitchen to see that all appliances used are turned off.

Turn out all room lights when exiting.

Report the attendance for the meeting to the circulation desk clerk before leaving. If you don’t, expect to receive a call requesting this information.

Where do I park?

Persons attending meetings at the Jeffersonville location are asked to park in the north parking lot across 7th Street.

Parking at the Clarksville Branch Library is available from both Eastern Boulevard and from Triangle Drive.

Reserve a meeting room

The Library Board reserves the right to revise this Policy at any given time.

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