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Bulletin Board Policy

The Jeffersonville Township Public Library provides public bulletin boards in order to display information that meets the educational, recreational, civic, and cultural needs of the community. Priority will be given to Library notices on the public bulletin boards. Other notices will be posted as space permits. Notices may be posted by community and non-profit organizations and clubs, educational institutions, and government agencies. For-profit companies and individuals may also post notices that are consistent with the policy statement above. Political advertisements will not be accepted for display.

Notices need approval by the Library prior to posting. The Main Library Circulation Supervisor or the Clarksville Branch Manager will determine whether a notice may be posted based on the policy statement above. Advertisements for services will not be posted. Items not accepted for posting will not be returned. Unauthorized items posted on any Library bulletin board will be removed and discarded.

Items accepted for posting will be marked with the date of the posting and initialed by the staff member who approves the posting. Items not pertaining to a specific date may be removed after one month on the bulletin board. Library staff will regularly remove notices that promote events that have already passed.

Notices should generally be no larger than 8-1/2” x11” but larger notices will be considered, space permitting.

Posting of materials in the Library does not necessarily indicate the Library’s endorsement of the issue or event promoted by those materials.

All notices and displays are posted at the risk of the person or group, and the Library bears no responsibility for damage to notices or for their unauthorized removal from display areas.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, November 18, 2014

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